Cricket Coach Handheld iOS / Android

  • Released: To be confirmed
  • Published by: Google Play Store / iOS App Store
  • Developed by: Oli Norwell
  • Download: Not available
  • Buy: Not available

Cricket Coach Handheld

Much anticipated and much delayed, Cricket Coach will finally make it onto mobile platforms in the form of Cricket Coach Handheld. Specially written for gamers playing one handed while on the move, Cricket Coach Handheld offers exciting cricketing action away from your desktop computer.

Key Features

  • To be released on Android & iOS
  • 16 international teams - all the Test Match nations plus the leading associate nations
  • International series mode: play T20/ODI/Test series on your smartphone
  • Tournament mode: play a knock-out tournament on your smartphone
  • 20 players in each team, with statistics saved for each match, so build up averages from all your games.
  • Injuries, tiredness and variation in pitches means managing your squad becomes very important
  • Runs in portrait mode, so easier to play one-handed
  • Uses the match engine from the desktop version of Cricket Coach - so ultra realistic and in-depth
  • All new user interface designed specifically for the mobile version of the game
  • More features to follow...

Play Cricket Coach 2014 now for free for a day, then purchase a licence for just £5.99